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Private Haris Riran’s Alcohol Treatment Clinic
Specializing in the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from alcohol abuse, or alcoholism.
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We make free recommendations that give the most appropriate treatment for your unique issues. You will undergo a consultation with our consultant, who will gather information to help you and advise you on future treatment.


Recovery is not complete once your rehabilitation comes to an end. The truth is, recovery is a lifelong journey. With our solid after-care program there is more likely you will not go to relapse and and you will be determined to stay sober.


Contact us now to get more information about your rehab options in your local area. Benefit from our vast network of consultants and specialists that are ready to listen and help you 24/7.

Who We Are

The Private Haris Riran’s Alcohol Treatment Clinic welcomes you to our center with open arms. We are a patient-centered facility specializing in the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from alcohol abuse, or alcoholism. These individuals, called alcoholics, become a danger to themselves and others when they engage in harmful drinking habits. This puts family members and loved ones at risk of abuse, physical injury, or worse.

Our treatment clinic gives patients a second chance at living a healthy and peaceful life. It is our goal to provide them with all the tools they need to combat their harmful drinking habits. Our facility offers both inpatient and outpatient programs, so patients can choose the type of care that best fits their needs without interfering with their daily lives.

Patients can expect to complete their recovery in a relaxed and open environment where they can express their inner thoughts to people they trust. We have group therapy and individual therapy sessions available daily so that patients can experience both comradery and personal interaction.

Contact us 24/7 with any convenient way If you or your loved ones are seeking help. Get the care that you need to win the fight against alcoholism.


Meet the man behind the success of this alcohol treatment clinic.
Haris Riran

Haris Riran

Hello, my name is Haris Riran, and I am the founder of Private Haris Riran’s Alcohol Treatment Clinic. I've always been dedicated to helping individuals that were facing struggles in their lives. I worked from a young age to bring...



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