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Mother of jailed political activist says son was severely beaten in prison


Freedom Messenger - Fatemeh Alvandi, the mother of political prisoner Mehdi Mahmoudian who is detained in Rajayi Shahr Prison in Karaj requested that the condition of political prisoners be seen to in a letter to the head of the Prison Organization Gholam-Hossein Ismaili.

She cited this letter in an interview and said, “In early February, they called me from prison and said that they had gone to Mehdi’s cell but he was not inside. My son was not returned to his cell until one day before my visit in prison. During this time, I constantly went to the court but I did not get any answers and they told me that there were no problems”.

“When I went to visit Mehdi, he said if he could see me in person, he would show me his body that was bruised and battered from being beaten. One soldier had held his throat and three others severely beat him while he was being transferred from Rajayi Shahr Prison to Evin. He was beaten so badly, that he passed out”, she added.

According to Mrs. Alvandi, in her visit, Mr. Mahmoudian said that when he regained his conscience, he saw doctors and nurses tending to him.

“The head of prison and the medical examiner witnessed this scene, but did nothing”, Mrs. Alvandi said adding that her son also received a blow to the head…

Mehdi Mahmoudian is a member of the Cooperation Front and had disclosed events at the Kahrizak Detention Center [which later led to its closure].

He was arrested on September 16, 2011 and was detained in Evin Prison. Mehdi was later transferred to Rajayi Shahr Prison…

Mr. Mahmoudian has been sentenced to five years of prison on the charge of assembling and conspiring against the government. He wrote a letter from prison to Khamenei about the condition of prisoners in Rajayi Shahr and continuous rapes going on in this prison. (Radio BBC)