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Stockholm academic given death sentence in Iran: reports

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Stockholm academic given death sentence in Iran: -Ahmadreza Djalali, a researcher at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute, has been sentenced to death in Iran, according to reports.

Researcher Ahmadreza Djalali has been detained since April 2016. He was arrested in Tehran for espionage and 'enmity with God' – a crime which in Iran can result in the death penalty – during a visit for a conference.

An Iranian citizen, the academic has a permanent residence permit in Sweden, where he conducted research in disaster medicine at the prestigious Karolinska Institute, and lived with his wife and two children.

"We have received reliable information that suggests he has been sentenced to death. We are working to obtain a confirmation. We would like to stress that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs condemns the use of the death penalty in all cases," Lina Eidmark of the Swedish foreign ministry told TT.

Acting on the basis of information available to it, the ministry has raised the issue with high-level Iranian representatives, according to the report.

Eidmark said that Sweden would work to the extent it could on "all diplomatic levels".

"In general I can say that he is an Iranian citizen, he is not a Swedish citizen, which makes it very difficult for Sweden to assist [him] in circumstances like these," she added.

In August, human rights organization Amnesty International urged the authorities to release Djalali or give him a fair and secure trial.

"We hope he will be released. He has been in prison since April last year on extremely vague grounds," Amnesty Sweden spokesperson Ami Hedenborg said.

"You have to ask yourself what it is really about. There is a great deal of concern over what may happen," Hedenborg added.

    Reformist Political Activist Turned Refugee Briefly Arrested Upon Return to Iran

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    CHRI - A reformist political activist who fled Iran in 2011 after years of being harassed by the Intelligence Ministry was summoned to the Revolutionary Court in Evin Prison upon returning to the country.

    Iran: Man Executed at Kerman Prison

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    Iran: Man Executed at Kerman PrisonIran Human Rights  -  A prisoner was executed on Moharebeh charges at Kerman Prison.

    Imprisoned Teachers’ Rights Advocate Esmail Abdi Denied Sentence Review

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    CHRI- Iran's judiciary has denied a request for a review of the heavy prison sentence issued against Esmail Abdi, the former secretary general of the country's largest teachers' rights organization, the Iranian Teachers' Trade Association (ITTA).

    "In recent days we were informed that our request for a judicial review has been denied, but we will continue to follow up on his case through legal channels, including on his eligibility for conditional release," Abdi's attorney, Hossein Taj, told the semi-official Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) on October 4, 2017.

    Since November 2016, Abdi, a 44-year-old high school mathematics teacher, has been serving a six-year prison sentence for his peaceful activism in support of labor rights.

    He ended his hunger strike after more than 30 days on June 16, 2016, when judicial authorities agreed to consider reviewing his sentence.

    In a letter announcing his hunger strike on April 30, 2017, the teachers' rights activist said he would continue to refuse food "until my case is investigated in a normal way outside the security apparatus."

    "Is it a crime to protest the plunder of public funds, especially the teachers' pension fund? Do teachers peacefully walking in a park threaten national security? Is it a crime to collect signatures to oblige the government to implement the law? Should the law apply only to the people, or government officials as well?" wrote Abdi.

    "Under these circumstances, I announce my solidarity with all teachers and workers protesting the judiciary's lack of independence in issuing security rulings against activists," he added.

    Abdi was arrested on June 27, 2015, by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' intelligence arm, a week after being barred from leaving Iran to attend an international teachers' conference in Canada.

    In February 2016, Judge Abolqasem Salavati of Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court sentenced him to six years in prison for the charges of "propaganda against the state" and "collusion against national security." The verdict was upheld upon appeal.

    After the Appeals Court's decision, Abdi told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) that the judge was influenced by several alleged violations added to the indictment by the IRGC's Sarallah Headquarters.

    "The Sarallah Headquarters, as the detaining authority, has had the wrong impression of our activities and has claimed that they were political in nature and directed against the state," said Abdi in October 2016.

    The Iranian security establishment sees labor activism as a national security offense. Independent labor s are not allowed to function, strikers often risk arrest, and labor leaders are consistently prosecuted under national security charges.

    Iran: Man Executed For Drug Offences

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    Iran: Man Executed For Drug OffencesIran Human rights - A prisoner was executed at Qazvin central prison on drug related charges.

    Admins of Iranian Pirated Movies Website Arrested After Complaints from “Licensed” Rivals

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    A screenshot of the TinyMovies website.CHRI - Six administrators of a popular site selling pirated foreign films with Farsi-language subtitles and voiceovers online have been arrested following complaints from their rivals, which were licensed to sell pirated movies by the government.

    Iran: Three Executions On Murder Charges

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    Iran:Iran Human Rights -  Two prisoners were executed, one at Kerman prison and another at Tabriz Central Prison. The total number of the executions in Urmia on Tuesday has increased to two.

    Execution of Prisoner in Kerman

    According to a report by ISNA and the deputy of Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office for Central Kerman Province, a prisoner who was charged with murder was hanged at Kerman prison. According to the same source, the prisoner, identified as Gh.N., murdered his brother-in-law with a knife in a quarrel on April 3, 2013.

    "The victim, Ahadi, was a close relative of the murderer's and there was no intention of murder. But it all happened extremely fast," Amine Salari explained.

    The official sources that reported the execution of this prisoner didn't mention the exact date of it, however, it appears that the execution was carried out on Thursday September 28.

    Execution of Prisoner in Tabriz

    According to a report by HRANA, a prisoner was executed at Tabriz Central Prison on murder charges. The prisoner, identified as Ahad Pourtaghi, was executed on Thursday September 21.

    Mr. Pourtaghi had been in prison since 2012 on the charge of murdering his wife. He was tried in a court and his death sentence was issued.

    Execution of Prisoner in Urmia

    According to a close source, a prisoner, named Moslem Tamrkhani from ward 2 of mental ward, was executed at Urmia Central Prison on Tuesday 26.  Moslem Tamrkhani was sentenced to death on murder charges.

    Previously, Iran Human Rights (IHR) had reported about the execution of a prisonernamed Javad Khayyeri at Urmia Central Prison on Tuesday. This brings the total number of the executions on Tuesday to two. The two prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement in a group of four on Monday September 25. The other two prisoners returned to their cells after either winning the consent of the plaintiff or asking for time.

    The executions in Tabriz and Urmia have not been announced by the state-run media so far.

    According to Iran Human Rights annual report on the death penalty, 142 of the 530 execution sentences in 2016 were implemented due to murder charges. There is a lack of a classification of murder by degree in Iran which results in issuing death sentence for any kind of murder regardless of intensity and intent.

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    Iran: One Prisoner Executed in Western Iran

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    Iran:Iran Human Rights - A prisoner was executed at Yasuj Central Prison on murder charges.

    One Prisoner Hanged In Northwestern Iran

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    altIran Human Rights -  a prisoner was executed at Urmia Central Prison (Darya) northwestern Iran.

    According to a close source, on the morning of Tuesday September 26, the execution sentence of a prisoner who was charged with murder was carried out at Urmia Central Prison. The prisoner was identified as Javad Khayyeri from ward 15. Javad Khayyeri was transferred to solitary confinement along with three other prisoners yesterday. The three prisoners returned to their cells after either wining the consent of the plaintiff or asking for time.

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