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Critic of Iran's Supreme Leader to spend another year in solitary

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Radiozamaneh - Mostafa Tajzadeh, a prominent political prisoner and former deputy interior minister, was not released at the end of his six-year sentence and has to serve another sentence. The Human Rights Activists News Agency reported on Monday that Tajzadeh's six-year prison sentence has ended.

Mostafa Tajzadeh with his wife Fakhrolsaadat Mohtashamipour

Labour activist arrested in Saveh

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bazdashtRadiozamaneh - Shapour Ehsanirad, an executive member of the Free of Iranian Workers, was arrested by Islamic Republic security forces on Saturday May 16.

Neda Mostaghimi Has Been Arrested

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Neda Mostaghimi

HRANA News Agency – Neda Mostaghimi was arrested in order to serve her three-years-in prison sentence.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA),  Neda Mostaghimi, a supporter of Madaran-e-Park-e-Laleh (Mothers of Laleh Park), was arrested in her workplace by security forces on Monday, May 4.

It is said that Ms. Mostaghimi’s arrest is because of her three years in prison sentence, which was issued in December 2010.

According to a close source, Ms. Mostaghimi was a supporter of Madaran-e-Park-e-Laleh, and her charges were related to acts in support and sympathy with the families of political prisoners and victims of green movement.

Ms. Mostaghimi has not had any contact to her family yet and her whereabouts is not known.

Eminent Iranian Poet and Filmmaker Repeatedly Interrogated by Intelligence Ministry

E-mail Print PDF - Iran's Intelligence Ministry has repeatedly summoned and interrogated the well-known Iranian poet, documentary filmmaker, and member of the Board of Directors of the Iran Writers Association, Baktash Abtin, in recent days, and interrogations over his work and professional associations are likely to continue prior to his case being sent to court.

Arrest of The Prominent Human Rights Defender Narges Mohammadi

E-mail Print PDF - The prominent human rights defender, Narges Mohammadi, was forcibly arrested by the security forces early this morning. Iran Human Rights (IHR) condemned Narges Mohammadi's arrest and urged the international community to demand her immediate release.

Final Verdict: Five to Seven Years for Facebook Users in Iran

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PayvandNews - An appeals court in Tehran has sentenced six individuals to prison terms ranging from five to seven years for postings on their Facebook pages. Two additional individuals are facing as of yet unknown terms for their activities on the social networking site.

Several Labor Activists Arrested in Iran

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arrest11RFL/RE - Several prominent labor activists have been arrested in Iran ahead of May 1, International Workers' Day.

Iran: Sweeping Arrests of Ahwazi Arab Activists

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Image result for - Whereabouts Unknown for More Than 75 Held After Protests

Mohammadreza Alipayam Summoned to Evin Prison

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Mohammadreza Alipayam

HRANA News Agency – Mohammadreza Alipayam, poet and critic satire, has been summoned to Evin prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammadreza Alipayam has announced that he will go to Evin Prison to serve his imprisonment sentence on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm.

This critic poet was sentenced to one year and half year in prison in branch number 26 of the revolutionary court by chief judge Pirabbasi, on charges of propaganda against the regime, sacrilege and insulting Imam Khomaini and insulting the supreme leader and other officials.

Mr. Alipayam posted a comment about this sentence, which is related to his poems, “I was convicted for the poems that I was put on trial in 2012 and had been convicted in 2013”. He is mentioning the act of Expiry Credit act, in which, if a subject would be put on trial and result in a sentence, the court cannot re-try it again. The judge has claimed that number of complaints is high and has rejected this defense.

Mohammadreza Alipayam, with pen name of Haloo, is known for his poetry and the video clips that have distributed from him mostly criticizing the current condition, specifically after 2009 presidential elections. He has been summoned, interrogated and detained many times by security organizations.

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