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Jailed Journalist Ahmadi Amouyi completes sentence

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Radiozamaneh - Bahman Ahmadi Amouyi, a jailed Iranian journalist, has been released after serving out his sentence. Jila Bani Yaghoub, a prominent Iranian journalist and Ahmadi Amouyi's wife, reported that Ahmadi Amouyi was released on Staurday October 4 with two days of delay.


E-mail Print PDF - Human rights activist Saeed Shirzad has been detained in Tehran's Evin Prison for four months, without access to his lawyer.

British woman imprisoned in Iran is charged for ‘propaganda against the regime’

E-mail Print PDF - A British-Iranian woman imprisoned for taking part in a protest to allow women to attend men's volleyball games in Tehran has been charged with 'propaganda against the regime' after 87 days in Evin Prison.

Iranians Arrested Over Khomeini-Insult Texts

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khomeniRFE/RL - Eleven people have reportedly been arrested in the southern Iranian province of Shiraz after allegedly sending insulting SMS text messages about Islamic republic founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

A cyber activist sentenced to 3 years in prison

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soheil-arabiHRANA News Agency – Sohail Arabi, a defendant of Cybercrime was sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday 3rd September 2014.

Arrest of protesters heightens conflict at Bafgh mine

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miner-protest-bafghRadio Zamaneh - The head of the Bafgh Islamic Council and another four miners were arrested on Saturday August 23, further intensifying the labour protests.

A number of Azeri nationalist-civil activists have been arrested

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arrestsHRANA News Agency – Many Azeri nationalist-civil activists in Ardabil province, who were planned to climb Sabalan peak, the same as previous years, have been arrested by security and intelligence forces.

A group of Arab activists were arrested in Ahvaz

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arab-ahwaz-arrest17HRANA News Agency – The security and intelligence forces have arrested some Arab activists at Kouy-e-Alavai (Hay al Sour) and transferred them to an unknown location, on Sunday August 10, at 5 am in Ahvaz.

Journalist Mirdamadi gets six-year sentence

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serajeddin-mirdamadiRadio Zamaneh - Jailed Iranian journalist Serajeddin Mirdamadi was sentenced to six years in jail on Sunday July 27 at Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court. The sentence, which was issued at a preliminary hearing, can be appealed within 20 days.

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