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Iran Extends Detention of Washington Post Journalist

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jason-rezaian-wife3VOA - The family of Washington Post Tehran correspondent Jason Rezaian says Iran has extended his detention by at least two months.

Iran moves forward with death penalty over Facebook posts

E-mail Print PDF - A 30-year-old blogger and photographer has been sentenced to death in Iran for "insulting the prophet of Islam" on Facebook, drawing renewed attention to the country's notorious human rights record. The man, Soheil Arabi, was convicted in a Tehran criminal court in August after admitting to posting the defamatory content.

Soheil Arabi’s lawyer denied the rape allegations

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Soheil Arabi

HRANA News Agency – Amir Salar Davoodi, one of the legal advisors to Soheil Arabi, condemned spreading lies by websites close to security organisations while he announced that he will lodge a formal complaint against them.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), last night “Rah-e-dana” a website which is close to Security Organisations in Iran, in a special report, while denied the “Insulting the profit” charges for Soheil Arabi, explained that his Death sentence was based on “Rape” charges. However, this claimed was denied when the sentence image was published.

In a statement published on his Facebook page, Amir Salar Davoodi responded to this claim made by “Rah-e-dana” which has been reflected in many other websites and foreign and domestic news agency domains:

In the name of God

Honourable people of Iran

Unfortunately, during the last couple of years, meaningless and fake media stations which are reminisces, blemish and  disgrace to the honourable profession of journalism and in fact has no relation to the big honest media family, started to grow like poisonous mushrooms, constantly spreading the lies and slimes. Of course their supporters and their evil purpose are well known to the intelligent Iranian population.

The ignorant website of Dana-news agency , in a report which you can see the link above, and with extreme immorality and unprofessionalism unlike to a new network channel, published lies and empty allegations about my client  Mr Soheil Arabi who has been charged to “Insulting the Profit” and  “Corruption on Earth”.

Hence, while I condemn this clear immorality, by this, I would promise to the notorious authorities of the News Agency that I will preserve my client’s rights by prosecuting you through legal channels and by lodging an official Enquiry for the charges of “Slander and spreading lies” as soon as possible. I will not allow such a notorious media, further stain the clean reputation of journalists. I don’t see how those believe more than other in the judgement day and always scare others about this day, crush people and violate their rights and open their profane and stinking mouth to speak the nonsense and false words.

They have forgotten that we are not dead yet and not prepared to allow people and state funds to be spend on slander and lies by a group of mercenaries and prostitutes.  I wish you would have given yourself up in return for something of a more value. I can simply see you pleading for forgiveness and begging us to cancel our complaint.

With regards,

Amir Salar Davoodi

Letter of Rasoul Hardani after 14 years of suffering in the prison

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rasul hardani

HRANA News Agency – Rasoul Hardany who was arrested at the age of 19 following a domestic hijacking incident has spent more than 14 years in prison. The root cause of this hijacking that later became the subject of an Iranian movie by a renowned director ( Ebrahim Hatami-Kia ) was actually poverty and inadequate living conditions according to the confessions of detainees.

The following is the full text of his letter, a copy of which submitted to HRANA :
“Rasoul Hrdany’s letter from the prion (to reflect and inform the prisoners’ conditions)
In the name of God who is the only one who can issue the verdict.
This is my complaint, the story of a young and miserable man.
My wide open eyes are frightened, and I see very distressing nightmares
Karoun, the beloved river of my city, has turned into rocks
Full of pain and suffering, my moaning is reflective of festering wounds
My dreams are full of iron and rock, and I am really terrified of the nights of prison.
Greetings and peace upon you, the readers who are reading Rasoul Hardani’s letter! On November 14th, 2000, I and my brother Khalid, Abu Amir and my family were forced to migrate by hijacking a plane to start a new life in another country and end 8 years of suffering and tyranny in Khuzestan, where we lost our father. It should be noted that I had not been informed about the plan and found out about it a couple of minutes after the takeoff from Ahwaz to Banda-Abbas when I was socked seeing my brother’s injury. When I saw my brother bleeding, I lost my control and engaged in a fight with the security forces, which resulted in my arrest. Then, I spent several months in the prison of the ministry of information under extremely difficult conditions. At the end, I was sentenced to 22 years in prison without knowing the reason for such an unfair decree. I asked the judge several times about the justification for the sentence, and every time he responded: you will understand when you lose your teeth and your hair turns white. Now, it is more than 15 years that I have spent the most productive time of my young age in the prison. My letters and requests for release or medical leave have been lost or ignored. Every single time I have been referred to different physician and each one has prescribed different medicine. Now, I would like to state that my wish is to be executed and my organs granted to patients, because I don’t want to die in the prison (similar to Akbar Mohammadi who died in prison and his family’s request to bury him in his hometown was denied). I would like to die in my hometown.
I pray God to end my miserable life. You may ask I should remain hopeful and patient, but even solid walls of the prison cannot endure this tyranny and suffering. I am unjustly imprisoned and should spent many years under these conditions only because I am brother of Khaled Hardani and Aboumir. I have to emphasize that my young age is lost and have spent 15 years of my best age in the prison. I have lost several beloved family members during these years and have nothing more to lose, in particular considering the following:
1-    In 2007, the authorities decided to execute my brother, Khalid who was the main support for eight brothers and five sisters. 
2-    I spent the most beautiful and productive years of my young age in the prison. 
3-    After 14 years in prison, I was able to marry. However, because of the long imprisonment time and misleading propaganda against our family, my wife has decided to leave me. I am seriously sick with severe chronic pain in my legs and back, and no physician has been able to find out the root cause of this health complication. 
4-    My requests for leave and pardon have been ignored. The internal media also denied my requests to have access with the justification that it is beyond their accepted red line.
5-    Every single lawyer we have contacted to support us in the court has been either imprisoned (for example, Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh or Alizadeh Tabatabei) or scared away. 
6-    While being imprisoned, the ministry of information has ordered to search our household and has not yet returned our personal belongings after 8 months.
7-    I requested to work in the prison, but it was denied and I was transferred to the closed public section. I have been only allowed to start my studies at the university from the prison and also spend sometimes doing traditional Iranian wrestling and exercise. The most joyful time of my life is when I do exercise and pray God, because in the public section most of the prisoners are busy with corrupt and illegal actions. Now, you can judge for yourself how this situation can be, living with the prisoners who respect no values. 
Now I ask those who would like to help defenseless prisoners; can you save me from this difficult situation? I am asking you to become my voice and highlight the tyranny that I have been facing. Please ask the authorities to execute me and donate all my organs to the patients who need. I am expressing my consent to do this, and I pray God to put my soul in peace. 
Rasoul Hardani, the prisoner and student of applied sciences
Code 92126003160006
Time: 4:00 am, 09November2014

Alone forever in my bed in the prison

Death Sentence Upheld For Iranian Internet Activist

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soheil-arabiRFL/RE - Iranian opposition websites are reporting that an appeal court in Iran has confirmed the death sentence for an Internet activist who allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad.

Qavami sentenced for “propaganda” after volleyball arrest

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Radiozamaneh - Ghoncheh Qavami has been sentenced to one year Ghoncheh-Ghavami-010in jail and a two-year ban on traveling abroad for the charge of "propaganda against the regime".

Scholar’s 18-Month Prison Sentence for Questioning Nuclear Program Commuted to Fines

E-mail Print PDF - A Tehran appeals court has reduced the 18-month prison sentence originally handed down to Sadegh Zibakalam, a Tehran University professor and political analyst, for his public questioning of Iran's nuclear program and his criticism of the trial process in a state corruption case, to a five million toman fine (approximately $1,600).

Supreme Leader pardons Iranian blogger

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Radiozamaneh - Iranian journalist and blogger Hossein Derakhshan has received a pardon from Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and has been released from Jail in Tehran.

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