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Tahir Ghaderzadeh Sentenced to 91 Days in Prison

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Tahir GhaderzadehHRANA News Agency – Tahir Ghaderzadeh member of the teachers association of Kurdistan, was sentenced to 91 days imprisonment on charges of propaganda against the system due to setting up the teachers’ assembly and disturbing the public opinion.

2 Brothers Have Been Arrested in Baneh

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Hasan DaneshmandHRANA News Agency – Intelligent service forces raided in a house in Baneh and arrested two brothers with the names of Hossain Daneshmand (41 years old and traditional medicine vendor) and Hasan Daneshmand (43 years old and physician), both residents of Tehran. They were on a trip to spend some time in their mother’s house for the New Year, and there is no information about their faith since then.

2 Civil Rights Activists Arrested in Tabriz

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Amir ValizadehHRANA News Agency – Amir Valizadeh and Azimi Ghadim were arrested in Tabriz by security forces.

7 Prisoners Sentenced to Additional Imprisonment in Orumieh Prison since 2011

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Ali Ahmad SoleimanHRANA News Agency – A trend of increasing the sentences of the prisoners in Orumieh Prison has begun since 2011 as Ali Ahmad Soleiman, Mustafa Ali Ahmed and Qader Mohammadzadeh were sentenced each to three months in prison in the spring of that year on charges of propaganda against the system.

Actress among activists arrested for animal rights protest

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Environmental-activistsRadiozamaneh - Iranian actress Hediyeh Tehrani and 16 other environmental activists were briefly arrested for participating in a protest at Tehran's Laleh Park in support of animal rights.

Iran Supreme Court Issues Prisoner Removal of Eye Punishment

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Iran Supreme Court Issues Prisoner Removal of Eye Punishment Iran Human Rights -  Iranian Supreme Court judges have reportedly ordered the removal of the eye of a 28-year-old prisoner who has only been identified as Saman.

Brother and Sister Arrested in Saghez

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Awat HosseinzadehHRANA News Agency – According to the local sources, Fawzia Hosseinzadeh and Awat Hosseinzadh have been arrested by the security forces in the city of Saghez.

Nahid Gorji Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

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Nahid GorjiHRANA News Agency – Nahid Gorji, social activist, has been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment by the appeal court and the sentence has been sent to the executive branch. The resident of Mashhad was released on the bail after a year of detention this year.

Former Political Prisoner Gets One-Year Prison Sentence On Recycled Charges

E-mail Print PDF - Navid Kamran, a former political prisoner, has been sentenced to one year in prison without any new evidence supporting the charge against him of "propaganda against the state," he told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

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