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A demonstrator in Isfahan accused of acid attacks

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Acid Attacks in Isfahan

HRANA News Agency – According to Fars news agency (close to Iranian Revolutionary Guards) security officials have accused one of the arrested protesters in Isfahan with acid attack.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Fars News Agency (close to Iranian Revolutionary Guards) in two separate reports reported that a man who had been wearing women’s clothes to attend the demonstrations against the acid attacks was arrested.

According to this agency: “The person is called (B. M. B) was born in 1973 and owns a documentation company and some communication and spy devices have been discovered from him”.

The report also stated that: “There is some marks on his arms which can be burned marks that have strengthen the security forces’ doubts about the possibility of his involvement in the scenario of acid attacks. However, these spots are tested and the hypothesis of the named suspect in the attack incident is not certain.”

The agency has tried to link the stains on detainee’s hands to the spots of acid burn while a dermatologist has diagnosed the spots that are on the detainee’s arms in the picture, as Vitiligo, skin disease.

It is noteworthy that Fars News Agency is well known in collaboration with the country’s security apparatus, and bias news, so that, the press reports of this institution is primarily considered as reflections of opinions and news of that kind of organizations and institutions.

Indeed, local websites stated that 4 suspects of acid attacks have been released.

Lawyer Sotoudeh arrested during acid-throwing protest

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Radiozamaneh - Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested in front of the interior ministry in Tehran during a protest against acid throwing, her husband Reza Khandan reported on his Facebook page.

“Today after a sit-in in front of the Lawyer’s Supervisory Board, Nasrin accompanied a group of her peers to join a protest in front of the interior ministry in support of women assaulted with acid and against the lack of government action. Upon their return, they were all arrested and they were all released after being identified. But Nasrin remains in custody without any judicial order.”

Giti Pourfazel, Abbas Jamali and Peymon Aref and Farid Rohani were reportedly some of the other lawyers present at the protest.

Reports from Tehran indicate riot police were highly visible along the main arteries of the city. The political deputy of Tehran security forces has been quoted as saying: “We are also very concerned about the acid throwing in Isfahan and condemn such action; however, there can be no demonstrations in Tehran without first getting permits.”

In recent weeks, a number of women have been assaulted with acid on the streets of Isfahan, and while the authorities maintain they are hard at work identifying the perpetrator(s), the public has been showing its outrage with mass gathering in Isfahan and Tehran.

Public discontent prompts wave of arrests in Isfahan

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 Radiozamaneh - Under heat from the public, Isfahan police have rounded up 50 people with a prior history of  offences. The police announced that the detainees, described as some of the “thugs and hoodlums” of the city, were  arrested today, Wednesday October 22, in different parts of the city. Their prior offences reportedly involve “causing  fear in public”, “causing nuisance”, “causing injury (such as cutting noses or ears), “assault” and “the sale of small  amounts of drugs.”

 The police announced that these arrests are in connection with the recent acid-throwing incidents in the city, adding  that they will soon release an update in the media.

 Thousands of Isfahan residents took to the streets today to protest the slow government reaction to recent incidents of  women being attacked with acid.

Omid Alishenas still under detention

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Omid Alishenas   HRANA News Agency – Omid Alishenas, civil activist, still remains in an uncertain condition even after 45 days of his detention. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Omid Alishenas is still pending while the officials had repeatedly promised his family to release him.


Omid Alishenas was arrested on Thursday 4th September by security forces in Tehran and now he’s in ward 2 A of Evin prison.

It should be mentioned that at the same time, security forces have searched his home entirely and have taken all his personal belongings including his computer and books.

In addition, there is no exact information about his charges and the reason that he has been arrested for.

Sons of murder victim deny mercy to convicted woman

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reyhaneh-jabbariRadiozamaneh - The last "peace and reconciliation" meeting in the case of Reyhaneh Jabbari, sentenced to death for the murder of Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, culminated without a resolution on Wednesday October 15.

Retrial Granted for Omid Kokabee, Raising Hope for His Release

E-mail Print PDF - Nuclear Scientist's Ten-Year Sentence Not Upheld by Supreme Court

Two female prisoners in legal limbo intensify hunger strike

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Radiozamaneh - Ghoncheh Qavami and Atena Faghdani, two Iranian political prisoners who have been on hunger strike for the past 11 days, are now also refusing water.

Condemned woman appeals to victim’s family for mercy

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reyhaneh-jabbariRadiozamaneh - The head of the Tehran Justice Department has announced that the file of Reyhaneh Jabbari, a woman sentenced to death for the murder of her attacker, is in the process of mediation.

Journalist arrested after critique of Saqez Police

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Radiozamaneh - The Iranian-Kurdish journalist Hiwa Fouladi was arrested after the Saqez Police Force filed a complaint against him. The Shar News Website reports that Fouladi has been transferred to the city's Central Prison. The website reports that the complaint involves a critical report published by the website regarding the actions of the police.

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