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Incarcerated dissident & blogger Mehdi Khazali refuses to drink water on 57th day

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BanooyeSabz - Following 57 days of a hunger strike, Mehdi Khazali incarcerated reformist, war veteran, blogger and vocal critic of the ruling government launches a dry hunger strike protesting the lack of responsibility by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran

According to reports by Kaleme, Khazali was transferred to solitary confinement in Evin prison’s security ward 209 [under the supervision of the Intelligence Ministry] 8 days ago.  He was taken to court yesterday and in protest to the continuedlawlessness and violent behavior of the Ministry of Intelligence prison guards, Khazali decided to launch a dry hunger strike stating that he will refuse to drink any water until his civil and legal rights have been reinstated.

Previously, Dr. Khazali was taken to Taleghani hospital after suffering a heart attack at Evin, then transferred after one day to Bani Hashem hospital under the supervision of the Ministry of Intelligence and shortly after transferred back to Evin prison despite his dire physical condition and against the recommendation of the hospital physicians and staff.

In his web blog, Dr. Khazali described his hunger strike as a last resort of an innocent man who has no one to turn to and whose cries have been ignored.  Khazali also stated that he had asked the permission of 4 Grand Ayatollahs before launching his hunger strike.

It is worth mentioning that Khazali was violently arrested on January 9th, 2012 and launched his hunger strike on the first day of his incarceration, protesting the violent behavior of security agents during his arrest and the lawlessness of the Judiciary in Iran.