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Police Beat Arrested Lawyer with Heart Problems

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Hossain MehrandishHRANA News Agency – Hossain Mehrandish, judiciary lawyer, was arrested following the order of the judge in branch number 29, while he was defending his client. He who had heart failure following the tension was transferred to the hospital while being in police custody. At least one of the police officers hit the chest of this lawyer for no obvious reason. This could have had deadly consequence for someone in this situation. Hossain Mehrandish is currently in Rajai Shahr prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Hossain Mehrandish who was defending his client in Shahid Madany court, was arrested by the order of the judge in branch 29 with the allegation of insulting the judge.

This high tension resulted in his heart failure with pain in the chest and as a result he was transferred to the hospital by the police.

In the video that was provided for HRANA and shows moments before physician’s visit, one of the police forces shows aggression against Mr. Mehrandish and after handcuffing him hits him on his chest which could have been lethal for a patient with heart failure.

In this video, Mrs. Naghavian, Mr. Mehrandish’s wife who herself is a lawyer, protested against the police officer who did this.

Eyewitnesses told to HRANA that the higher rank officer, who has been said to be the head of the police station, kicked Mrs. Naghavian as well.

Mr. Mehrandish after being released from hospital transferred to Rajaei Shahr prison and a 200 million bail has issued for him.