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Tehran Criminal Court Sentences Three Alleged Thieves to Hand Amputations

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Tehran Criminal Court Sentences Three Alleged Thieves to Hand - A criminal court in Tehran has sentenced three alleged thieves to hand amputations and other punishments for committing robbery, according to a local newspaper.

Negara Karimova Sentenced to Imprisonment and Lashes

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Negara KarimovaHRANA News Agency – Negara Karimova (Afsharzadeh) Azerbaijani prisoner in the women’s ward, in Evin prison, has been sentenced to more than 4 years imprisonment and 50 lashes.

Iran: Wave of floggings, amputations and other vicious punishments

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Iran: Wave of floggings, amputations and other vicious punishmentsAmnesty - Iran's persistent use of cruel and inhuman punishments, including floggings, amputations and forced blinding over the past year, exposes the authorities' utterly brutal sense of justice, said Amnesty International.

Iranian Authorities Carried Out Amputation Sentences Of Two Prisoners On Christmas Day

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IRAN HUMAN RIGHTS - Four fingers of the right hand of two prisoners were amputated in an Iranian prison on the Christmas day, December 25.

Young Iranians protest over ‘harsh lashings’ by police

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Young Iranians protest over ‘harsh lashings’ by policeAlArabia - Young Iranians accused of breaking their country's moral codes have been uploading photos on social media of injuries sustained from lashings by police.
The Facebook page My Stealthy Freedom, which usually known for posting photos of Iranian women without their headscarf, showed photos of the harsh punishments after young Iranians were caught in mixed-gendered parties.

Rajai Shahr Prison Is Being Prepared for an Amputation

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Amputation SentenceHRANA News Agency – Mohammadreza Farahnak, a prisoner who has been kept on charge of theft in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj since 18 years ago, after all these years faces the risk of amputation. The prisoner was informed that the sentence would be executed on Tuesday.

A Civilian Sentenced to Lashing in Mashhad

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Raoof KarimiHRANA News Agency – Raoof Karimi from Mashhad was sentenced to 74 lashes by the court due to his wife’s complaint after a family contention, on charges of “insults and threats”. Flogging sentence from the perspective of human dignity is one of the issues that makes the Iranian government be seen as a violator of human rights treaties.

Guilt by Association: Peaceful Demonstrators Slapped with Suspended Lashing and Prison Sentences

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taheri-followers-sentenced-to-prison-and-lashes (1) - Some of the accused were falsely declared followers of an imprisoned spiritual leader.

26 Activists Sentenced to Imprisonment, Lashes and Fine in Tabriz

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Ahad EbrhimpourHRANA News Agency – Despite UN’s objections to lashings in Iran, on May 31, 2016, 26 fans of Tractorsazi FC of Tabriz and protesters to Fitileh program were sentenced to flogging, fines and imprisonment on charge of “disturbing the public peace through participation in clamoring” by Branch 112 of the Criminal Court.

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