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Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam in a Crtitical Condition in Qom Prison

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Mohammad Reza NekounamHRANA News Agency – Jailed dissident cleric, who had been transferred to an anonymous medical center in Tehran, was transferred to his house, as a medical leave.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Reza Nekounam was transferred from hospital to his house, on November 27.

The cleric critical had been transferred to an anonymous hospital in Tehran by the security forces of the Special Clerical Court, on Thursday, November 24.

Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam, a critic critical, was arrested after a remark in 2014, rejecting "Internet filtering and calling the high-speed internet as ill-gotten", following the complaint by some of the Clergymen, influential in the judicial and security authorities, and his case was formed. He used to be held in Saheli prison in Qom.

Mohammad Reza Nekounam, born in 1948, was arrested on January 1, 2015.

After Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi in answer to a question regarding using high speed internet had said it is not allowed because of "The possibility of video calling and corruption", Ayatullah Nekounam, in an interview with local media said: "When you said, for example, Rightel is forbidden, so that using the video buzzer will also be forbidden! We cannot always close people's and society's eyes", in September 2014.

Insisting that putting impede or obstruct for everything will backfires, had said: "The society is greedy about it, such as Facebook, satellite, internet or Rightel."

This teacher of Seminaries had told his students: "You should even sell your carpet and to buy laptop or tablet, or computer to create a blog or website to have dialogue with society and the people."

Mohammad Reza Nekounam, had been kept in Qom prison, with a sentence of 5 years imprisonment and various diseases. After about 18 months imprisonment he was moved from the prison to his house on June 23, 2016. However, after a short time he was arrested at his house by security forces and was taken to Saheli prison in Qom. These transfers to home and back to prison without proper medical treatment were repeated several times, and security forces monitored the people traffic to Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam's house, and had put illegal restrictions on his contacts and relationships, although he was not in the prison.

Despite his illness and poor health status, he is currently held in Saheli prison in Qom. Hypertension and blood sugar levels with decreased vision as consequences of this medical condition, constantly is reported while prison officials sometimes deprive him of his prescribed medications in prison.