Dangers of Drinking and Driving

According to the United States Department of Transportation more than 30 people die in drunk-driving related accidents. These statistics show that one person dies every 48 minutes and 10,000 lives are lost each year from drunk driving. With such numbers, you would think people understand the consequences of driving under the influence. But the numbers don’t lie.

Every state with the U.S.A. has a zero-policy law that states anyone found with alcohol in their system can be pulled over and arrested. Unfortunately, there are some that believe that one drink won’t cause any problems. But facts don’t lie and the myths about drinking and driving need to be exposed.

Myth #1: One Won’t Hurt

The truth of the matter is, impairment does not rely on the type of alcohol but the number. In 2017, 1,837 people were killed in drunk driving accidents where the drivers had a blood alcohol content of 0.01 to 0.07. The accidents happened below the 0.08 that is considered intoxicated.

Myth #2: It’ll Be Okay

Many people believe that because they weren’t caught or arrested the first time, they can handle themselves. The sad truth is, that on average, a person will drive 80 times while intoxicated before they are arrested. The idea that anyone can ‘handle’ their liquor is a false hope that can end in someone dying. The question is, is it worth taking that chance?

Myth #3: I’m Fine

Having just one drink in your system has consequences. But, because people don’t tend to ‘feel’ it makes them believe they are okay. According to the United States Department of Transportation, blood alcohol concentration or BAC of 0.02 causes some loss in judgment. It also has the ability to alter moods and causes a decrease in visual functions as well as affects the ability to multi-task while driving. The more a person has, the more the alcohol affects the body and functions that are needed to drive safely.

Myth #4: It’s Just a Few Miles

When it comes to drinking, the amount you consume does affect your system. From the inability to track moving targets like other cars or people, to the reduced ability to break are all consequences of drinking and driving. Many people don’t understand that there is a stall that happens between your brain and your motor skills when intoxicated.

When it comes to accidents, most happen within a five-mile radius of the driver’s home. Just because you think you know the area, doesn’t mean you can rely on your motor skills to get you home.  The effects of alcohol are dangerous and should be taken seriously, no matter how far or close you live.

Final Thoughts

There is just too much at stake when it comes to driving under the influence. It doesn’t matter if you have one drink or several. The only thing that you can do to sober up is to wait. Exercising, drinking coffee, or taking a cold shower will not help reduce the alcohol content in your system. Far too many lives are lost needlessly due to people thinking they can handle themselves.

Even if the state laws say that a person won’t be arrested with less than 0.08, even 0.05 can cause loss of vision, muscle weakness and impairs judgments. Putting someone else’s life on the line is not worth risking everything for a good time. Always make sure to get yourself a designated driver if you are planning to go out. Or get a cab. Many bars and establishments will offer free rides to those too intoxicated to get home themselves. That way, the only person hurt is you from the hangover from the night before.