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Teenage marriages often end in ‘emotional’ divorce

Iranian_weddingShahrzad News - Iranian figures for separations are at their highest level ever, to a great extent due to the numbers of those marrying as teenagers.  

Official reports also state that ‘emotional’ divorces are twice as common as official ones. Such couples lead separate lives under the same roof, thereby avoiding the social stigma of legal separation.  

Family psychologist Mehdi Mohammadi told the Fars News Agency: “Emotional separations have a devastating effect on the couples’ children, greater than when the divorce is official. The media are partly to blame. They encourage couples to adopt new life-styles, and publish detailed accounts of domestic violence and matrimonial strife.”  

According to Dr. Mohammadi, most emotional divorces involve women who were married off by their parents while still in their teens. Later they begin to question the suitability of their husbands, but because of social attitudes and a desire to protect their children, settle for separation rather than divorce.  

In another article psychologist Farzad Farhoodi said ‘personality differences, lack of knowledge about love-making, immaturity, plus poverty and other financial problems” were behind most emotional divorces.