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Women’s rights activist, filmmaker summoned to Evin

mahnaz-mohamadiRadio Zamaneh - Evin Prison has summoned Mahnaz Mohammadi, the Iranian filmmaker and women’s rights activist, to serve out her five-year prison sentence.

Fate of Tehran journalist unknown after arrest

saba-azarpeikRadio Zamaneh - The situation of detained journalist Saba Azarpeyk remains unclear five days after her arrest in Tehran.

Government acts on complaints from laid-off pregnant workers

women at work1Radio Zamaneh - President Rohani’s deputy for women’s affairs says each week they are handling 20 complaints from women who have been laid off following pregnancy.

Iranian Women Find New Platform for Personal Freedom Push

hijab-noThe Wall Street Journal - Summer is approaching in Iran and with it comes the seasonal public battle between the regime and women over Hejab-the mandatory covering of hair and body.

Plan to increase population in Iran

baby-dept-hospitalShahrzadnews - Abortion and any other measure which promotes and causes decrease of the population are considered to be a crime and offenders will be sentenced according to Article 624

Wrong Prison Medication Worsens Student Activist’s Condition

maryam-shafi-pourThe International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran - Authorities Refuse to Allow Her to See a Specialist

Discrimination is Not Bad in Everything

woman-rohaniRoozonline - Women’s Issues in Iran

Actress: In Iran, my counterpart faces prison

pegah-ahangaraniCNN - At first blush, the biography of Iranian actress Pegah Ahangarani could read very much like my own. Ahangarani is a working actress who supports social causes in her time away from set.

President’s advisor speaks for women in leadership positions

ali-younesiRadio Zamaneh - Iranian president’s chief advisor in ethnic and religious minority affairs Ali Younesi said in a press conference on May 3 that there has been a historical oppression of women in the country and the Iranian administration and legislation is patriarchal.

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