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Iran Arrest 4 Over Acid Attack

acid attackABCNews - Iranian authorities have arrested four people suspected of throwing acid on women, according to a report by the official IRNA news agency.

Acid attacks against women on the rise in Isfahan

acid attackRadiozamaneh - Reports from Isfahan indicate that in recent weeks there has been a rise in the incidence of people throwing acird onto women, purportedly for not wearing appropriate hijab or Islamic gard in public.

MPs push bill to crack down on immodest attire, satellites

majlisRadiozamaneh - A number of Iranian MPs have introduced a bill to punish violations of hijab (the Islamic dress code) with fines and the possession of satellite receivers with prison terms.

British female graduate goes on trial in Iran after trying to watch a volleyball game - A British woman arrested in Iran after attending a men's volleyball match has gone on trial today.

Presence of female musicians stops concert despite proper permit

Radiozamaneh - The music group Erfan was prevented from holding a concert in Isfahan because women were part of the group. The concert was cancelled even though the group had the necessary permit from the Ministry of Culture and Guidance.

Remembering Mahsa Shekarloo, Iran's Internet Pioneer and Women’s Rights Activist

Photo of Mahsa Shekarloo by Kamran Ashtary. Used  with permission. You can share it with attribution, but don't sell it. PayvandNews - Mahsa Shekarloo, women's rights activist, writer, editor, translator and founder of the online feminist journal Bad Jens, died Friday September 5, 2014, surrounded by her family. She had been stricken with an aggressive form of cancer.

Iranian Women Do Not Have the Right to Control Their Bodies - Since President Hassan Rouhani assumed office in August 2013, there has been a marked increase in state policies by hardliners in the government directly infringing upon the most basic rights of Iranian women.

Jailed activist in legal limbo starts hunger strike

Ghoncheh-Ghavami-010Radiozamaneh - Iranian activist Ghoncheh Qavami has begun a hunger strike after 100 days in jail in protest to her undetermined state in Evin Prison.

Group sues minister for letting women sing solo

Radiozamaneh - The head of the Family of Martyrs and Veterans Association reported on Tuesday September 30 that a suit has been filed against Culture Minister Ali Jannati for issuing permits allowing women to sing solo in concerts.

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