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Court to Issue Decision on Farghadani’s “Illegal” Handshake with Her Lawyer

Atena - The imprisoned artist and civil activist Atena Farghadani will soon learn the verdict in the case judicial officials brought against her after she shook her lawyer's hand when he met with her at Evin Prison. The case, in which she was charged with "non-adultery illegitimate relations," is set to be decided within three weeks following her October 3, 2015 closed-door trial.

Authorities Deny Hospitalization for Ill Activist and Postpone Her Trial Again

Narges - No Explanation Given for Third Postponement of Narges Mohammadi's Trial Date

Trial of human rights activist Mohammadi suddenly canceled

Nargess MohammadiRadiozamaneh - The court proceedings to hear charges against jailed human rights activist Nargess Mohammadi were canceled with no advance notice given to the defendant and her lawyer.


Stadiums Are Still Closed to Women in - This summer, as I was watching the thrilling Women's World Cup final between the U.S. and Japan, I got a direct message via Twitter from my friend, Sara. (Names of activists in Iran have been changed for the protection.) She was elated to be able to watch the match, too—she lives in Iran and was unable to watch much of the tournament. We chatted briefly about the match. I told Sara I was fortunate enough to have attended some of the matches at Lansdowne Stadium, in Ottawa, with my niece and my daughter. "I wish one day I can watch in a stadium," wrote Sara.

Iran: Indecency trial of jailed cartoonist and her lawyer for shaking hands absurd

Amnesty - The trial of satirical cartoonist Atena Farghadani and her lawyer on a charge of "illegitimate sexual relations falling short of adultery" after they shook hands is not only absurd and extreme but clearly politically motivated, said Amnesty International ahead of the General Criminal Court session starting tomorrow in Tehran.

Why are Iranian husbands standing up for their wives?

Several pictures of Iranian men declaring their support for their wives' equal rightsBBC - Husbands in Iran are taking pictures of themselves declaring their commitment to female equality - and thousands are sharing their messages on Facebook.


Narges-MohammadiAmnesty - Iranian human rights defender Narges Mohammadi's trial on national security-related
charges will begin on 6 October in Tehran. She is still being denied the specialized
medical care she requires. She is a prisoner of conscience.

Plight of Women’s Futsal captain raises public ire over law

Shahindokht MolaverdiRadiozamaneh - After the National Women's Futsal team captain, Nilufar Ardalan, was denied leaving the country to participate in the Asian Championships 2015 because her husband refused to give her permission to leave the country, negative reactions to the legal requirement of a husband's permission for Iranian women seeking to travel abroad continues to make headlines. Shahindokht Molaverdi, President Rohani's deputy for women's and family affairs says there is persistent public protest against this law and her office is making every effort to reform the law.

My Wife is Imprisoned in Iran - Demand Her Release - Bahareh and I were giddy with excitement that summer day in 2008. Our wedding ceremony was just a day away. But Iranian authorities raided Bahareh's house and took her to prison. We have since spent just a year together.

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